December 27 Deadline for Light Space & Time ‘All Women’ Art Contest Approaches


JUPITER, Fla. — Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery issued a final call for submissions to its Sixth Annual “All Women” art competition at After the December 27 deadline, an experienced Light Space & Time art jury will select the best pieces for online exhibition starting January 1 and continuing through the month. Competition winners will receive exposure for their work through over 70 press releases, event announcements, social media marketing efforts and other forms of promotion.

Each winner will also receive a special package including a digital award certificate, a press release ready for distribution, and other valuable assets. Women artists working in all 2d and 3d media are invited to submit their best works online before the December 27 deadline, with competition results to be emailed to entrants on January 1. More information can be found at the Light Space & Time website at

“Over the years since the inaugural event, our annual ‘All Women’ online art competition has become one of our most popular events of all,” said Light Space & Time Director John R. Math, “We’ve become familiar with dozens of immensely talented women artists over the years, and the caliber of competition has continued to rise. Our Sixth Annual ‘All Women’ juried art competition already includes some truly impressive, spectacular entries, but there’s still time to join in. We’ve made it extremely easy to become involved, and we hope to receive and appreciate many more worthy works in the coming days.”

With a steady supply of ambitious artists competing for limited opportunities to show their works, juries comprising critics, scholars, and other artists are sometimes tasked with deciding which should receive attention. The Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery was founded to help new and developing artists gain experience with this important feature of the art world. With over 70,000 visitors and hundreds of thousands of page views each month, the gallery hosts monthly competitions and exhibitions presided over by expert juries.

Each January for the past five years, Light Space & Time has hosted an exhibition that highlights the most talented women artists from around the world. This year, for the Sixth Annual ‘Women Only’ Light Space & Time competition, entries were accepted beginning November 10.

The window for entries will close soon, with results to be emailed to entrants a few days later. Ten winners will be selected by a professional jury from among all the competition entrants, with special honors to be given out at the discretion of members. Winners will benefit from valuable exposure, with the competition results to be sent out to over 11,000 active gallery owners alongside dozens of other outreach activities. With no set requirements for entry, women artists of any background working in either 2d or 3d are invited to submit their own works online at before the December 27 deadline.

About Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery:

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery conducts monthly themed online art competitions and monthly online art exhibitions for new and emerging artists on a worldwide basis. The gallery helps new and emerging artists gain experience and valuable international exposure.


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The Ultimate Guide to Services

Steps to Follow in Hiring a Planner for Your Wedding

It’s good to get wed but preparing for it can cause you too much stress if you lack time and money. Often, working with a wedding planner is the way to pull it off.

But what are the steps to take in hiring a wedding planner? How do you choose the right person among several candidates? Well, check out the tips right below.


You can be helped in deciding who is that planner to hire when you are backed with ample information. By dropping in the websites of various wedding planners, you can accumulate information that will help you come up with a better choice. They usually post wedding photos online to showcase the different weddings they’ve covered. Check said photos and identify the style of the planner. If the planner is used to planning glamorous weddings and your kind is simple, small and intimate, then you might need to look for another. In addition to that, check if the style of the wedding planner is suited to your taste and preference. You can also check from the websites the awards received by the planners and their organizational memberships.


After researching, you must have figured out who are your top wedding planners and how you can reach out to them. Begin by making calls and asking for interviews. Among the most essential things that you must ask about during the call are their price, different types of wedding planning services, the different locations in which they may cover and, of course, whether they can be there during your wedding date. If every thing seems to sound well, then you are all set for the next part of the process.


The interview is the next step of the process which you need to prepare for. Of course, you are well aware that your communication with the planner over the phone is not really enough. You need to conduct an interview with the planner in order to finally figure out if he is the right person for you or not. But when every thing seems to go with your expectation, then you know that it is time for you to close the deal.

It will not be that easy finding the best and the right wedding planner for you. You need to consider a good number of factors and points. Consider the tips above as your guide in making a decision.


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A Beginners Guide To Products

Rivet – The Fastener That Never Runs Old

The humble rivet is an old form of fastener for metal that is still used in different industries. This has been introduced during the two World Wars that is used to construct airplanes and boats. However, this has no replacement ans is still very useful today.

Hot rivets are used in order to put together metals in building ships, bridges ad other iron structures. The rivet should be heated till it becomes red hot before placing it into the hole and join two pieces of steel or iron. Using metal tongues, one man should hold the rivet in place while the other should hit the rivet’s other end blinding it on the hole. The rivet will contract when it cools down which joins the two pieces of steel or metal tighter together.

The heat and hammering present in the process can be very complicated and dangerous. Much more complicated it is when getting the hot rivets. Are you familiar with the skyscrapers building in New York back in 1920’s? You couldn’t imagine how hard it is to to get hot rivets on a very high level.

However, things have changed today since rivets used are already cold rivets which size is relatively small than the old rivets. For more faster and quality construction, the steel hulls are welded together. The fasteners are now being used in constructing bridges.

For those doing a DIY project at home, cold rivets can be used. Visit your nearest DIY store and you will sure find a pop riveting kit. Through the hole, the pop rivets are put attaching the gun and a moderate pressure allows the rivets to tighten itself. Another use of the riveting gun is to crop off the rivet’s excess part.

Today, these rivets are still in use in the aircraft industries. For several years already, rivets have been a very useful tool to fasten and hold pieces together.

These clearly shows that rivets are truly a timeless fastener.

Rivet tools are mainly used to fix and hold things together. This made fastening things possible even where welding is not applicable. You can use rivets when joining a plywood with metal sheets. Rivets are perfect for materials that are easy to deform. Depending on where to use it, there are several sizes to choose from.

Rivets are known for its different level of strength which made most industries to prefer to use it for different purposes. Nowadays, there are also several rivet manufacturers that are producing quality fasteners. Rivets are known for its accessibility, cost and strength.

Source: riveting

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A Simple Plan For Researching Fashions

Supplying Yourself With The Best Handmade Jewelry Accessories When it comes to improving their physical characteristics, these handmade jewelry accessories can just do so much and there are several of them who know what their purposes are when they buy them. There are several people who think that handmade jewelry accessories can always show your personal style. Since they can reflect your own characteristics, these kinds of accessories can be unique and authentic so you can always come up with something as you are. Several people prefer to have these items in order to add more to their appearance. Since these handmade jewelry accessories are mostly endorsed by celebrities, you can just expect how these are now bought and used in order to achieve the same look that these stars have. These handmade jewelry accessories are now also accessible to ordinary individuals today and not just among celebrities and these are bound to get their attention and always make them look just as famous and classy as they should be. These accessories and jewelry pieces are so fine enough that they are able to show their style and sense for fashion for the individual. When these handmade jewelry accessories are worn, they are too attractive in forms of rings, bracelets, earrings necklaces and more. These handmade jewelry accessories are bound to become different, stylish and sophisticated and can transform one ordinary look into something more classy and sophisticated.
The Beginners Guide To Art (From Step 1)
If you want to know more about these handmade jewelry accessories, there are handmade earrings that you can match with bracelets that can bring out any look that you are trying to achieve. There are times when a handcrafted necklace can just attract so much attention even when paired with just one tone dresses and bring focus on your face and neckline and see how a handmade belt can emphasize your waste and hair with these handmade earrings. There are inarguably several ways by which you can achieve the same style without spending too much and without buying too much.
Lessons Learned from Years with Fashions
It is also important that you look for styles made with these handmade jewelry accessories before buying them. When you make the right choices, then you can always experience all the benefits that you can have from these handmade jewelry accessories. Depending on your preference and style, there are also several handmade jewelry pieces that can offer you with various looks and you can buy them from stores online. Your uniqueness can be revealed from how your handmade jewelry pieces are also unique. You have to check out these items sooner. These are customized item that can always offer you with uniqueness and beauty.

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Weddings – My Most Valuable Advice

The Easy Guide to Picking Out a Wedding Band When you think about the various events in your life that are going to be important, your wedding day will clearly be one of the most important and most enjoyable days of all. The reason for this is that your wedding is a chance for everyone who matters in your life to come by and celebrate the day with you. You’re going to find that the best way to have a wedding that will be quite memorable is to take some time to plan a ceremony that is going to stand apart from the crowd. One of the main things you’ll want to have at your wedding, though, will be some quality music. There are a lot of different methods of having entertaining music at your wedding, but you’ll tend to find that one of the best strategies is to hire a top Chicago wedding band. The right kind of band will inevitably leave you with a packed dance floor, and people will be talking about how successful your ceremony was for months. In the article below, we’ll take a closer look at the most important factors to consider whenever you’re trying to choose the right kind of wedding band. The primary quality you’re going to want to look for when planning out your wedding will be the list of songs that the band in question will be capable of performing. While your own tastes are going to play an important role in choosing the style of music you’d like to hear, it’s also a good idea to make sure you’re getting a band that is going to be able to play many styles. When you’re serious about having an exciting ceremony for people to enjoy, there is no doubt that a band with a diverse set of music can be the perfect thing to bring on board.
Learning The Secrets About Bands
It’s also important that you look for a band that has plenty of wedding experience. The truth is that you’ll always have a wedding schedule that you will want to follow, and a band will play a big part in that. There are a lot of different ways to select a band that knows how to run any wedding ceremony. Your decision can end up being a whole lot easier once you’ve found some online reviews that can help you understand the skill and experience of a given band.
Weddings – Getting Started & Next Steps
The truth is that finding a great wedding band can be a very easy thing to do. With the right music, you can be sure that your wedding will stand out.

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Why People Think Instruments Are A Good Idea

Should You Rent a Piano? There are a lot of things that you need to know about the piano. It is already for a long period of time that the pianos have been existing. They are able to resonate a sweet music which is why since 1700 they have been enjoyed by people. In today’s time there are now thousands of people that play this instrument. To be able to recreate music through the use of the piano is as a matter of fact a desire of a lot of people in today’s time. To be able to undergo a lot of practice is however what is needed before being able to achieve this. But in order for a person to be able to practice there is a need to be able to secure a good piano first. The task of being able to find a good piano that a person may be able to practice on is as a matter of fact what a lot of people tend to find to be a challenge. The price of the piano is not cheap at all which is one of the major reasons as to why this can be a challenge. The need to be able to shell out a lot of money is what you should be aware of if you have plans of buying one for yourself. Do not feel discouraged because of this because there is no need to feel this way. For you to be able to rent a piano is as a matter of fact an option that you can consider which is why you should not feel discouraged. In today’s time there are a lot of piano rentals out there already which is where you can rent a piano. There are actually a lot of reasons as to why renting a piano is a better choice. One good reason as to why you should be able to rent a piano instead is because there might come a time wherein you will suddenly stop wanting to learn how to play. A piano is expensive and you should never forget that and if you will find yourself in this kind of situation the what will happen is that you are only wasting your money.
The Best Advice on Pianos I’ve found
For you to be able to rent a piano first will mean that this is one of the many ways in order for you to be able to determine if you really do want to learn how to play the piano. You will also be able to determine what kind of piano you should buy when you will rent a piano at the piano rentals first. If you are already good at playing then you will be able to decide on this. This kind of decision can also be made when you are already determined to learn.The Best Advice on Pianos I’ve found

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Why Rentals Aren’t As Bad As You Think

Why You Should Consider Piano Rentals first Prior to Making a Purchase Music has become a very important part of who we are and in the event that you are interested in music, there could be a number of instruments that you could choose to master or none at all, as long as you have a wonderful voice. If you do consider piano and you are looking to invest on one of these, then might as well check and ensure that you will have to look into renting them ahead. Generally speaking, there will be a lot of things that you should be concerned about and the things that we have below should give you a heads and a better assurance that you will end up with the right piano. Typically speaking, the reason behind why this is rather important before you decide to consider purchasing your first piano is because there is a high chance that you will end up not liking the instrument at all or whatever you have in mind. If you also don’t plan on staying long in where you are today, then renting a piano will definitely be a smart thing to consider instead. It pays to make sure that you will evaluate everything accordingly because chances are high that you will then have to move to a new place or a home and when this very time comes, which should happen, considering that you have no intentions of staying in the first place, the amount of expense that you will have to put up just to transfer the piano is high. Having a piano ahead will also put your piano at risk of having damaged when you move it to the new home. If you do plan to look into piano rentals prior, then you will be certain that you will not have to worry about anything at all from the expense to damages.
What I Can Teach You About Pianos
It will also be smart for you to consider piano rental as well if you have a child who is into music but is not that dedicated to mastering piano. This definitely be important especially when your child changes their mind impulsively.
The Best Advice on Options I’ve found
Technically speaking, if you are interested in learning more about piano and have found that piano rental is the best move you could make, then doing research ahead should give you all of the things that you need to know about to choose the right one accordingly. So that you will be able to rent from the best music store, make sure that you will check and secure that they have been a strong reputation in the industry.

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The Essentials of Instruments – Breaking Down the Basics

Finding a Great Piano Rental Company You should know that music is a fantastic therapy and such can really heal various complications. Also, it is quite useful for instilling the discipline among the kids. Many of the parents these days prefer to offer their children with music lessons. There are kids which are attending lessons at the music training schools and there are those who are trained at home. The home schooled students should arrange for their own piano for instance. Music instruments can be sometimes expensive and on the first stages, it is best to rent the instruments from a reliable rental company. There are several instrument rental companies that you will find in different parts of the country which cater to the growing demand of the music enthusiasts. They also would cater to various age groups and different stages of learning. They have instruments for the young children and also those young adults too. Also, they have instruments which fit the needs of the beginner and also the professional users. An excellent instrument rental company stocks various instruments. Also, it will have an equally huge collection of string and band instruments. Some of the stringed instruments, you will have a big number of cello, violins, double bass and others. You have to know that the list of the band instruments for rent would also include the saxophone, clarinet, trombone, flute and trumpet.
Lessons Learned from Years with Rentals
Know that renting instruments has really become quite easy nowadays, and this is because of the spurt of instrument rental agencies online. Many of the rental agencies would list their products on the internet and then advertise them regularly. When you need to rent an instrument, then you can do this in a matter of just a few clicks. You have to browse through the site or choose the digital catalog and the product and then place your order. Be aware that an excellent rental company can provide you with lots of benefits. The great companies out there can surely offer you good support, competitive prices and you can also benefit from free shipping on your choice of destination. Also a great thing with some of the companies is that they offer after-rent services.
The Essential Laws of Rentals Explained
If you have made the decision to choose a great instrument rental company, you must remember these things always. Also, you must take note that a good agency will always provide instruments which are either brand new or in perfect working condition when used. To make sure that problems in the future are prevented, then you have to be sure that you read the rental contracts and the protocol first and go through the product description before you sign the deal.

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A Simple Plan For Researching Options

The Use of Learning Management Systems

In order for a person to be employed in today’s time, there is a need for the applicant to be proficient in technology. It is very important that a student will be able to keep up with the technological changes. The reason for this is because they will be exposed to various IT tasks in the future. But in reality, this will not be too much of a problem because majority of the students are well knowledgeable with the latest technologies. One of the many things that a student will be able to get out of a learning management system is that there will be a formal learning as to what these technological changes are. The students will be able to learn all kinds of information in a virtual classroom. And in order for the students and teachers to be able to interact, they make use of online based discussion boards and forums.

This is already a modern world which is the reason as to why people are on the search for solutions that are not only simple but instant as well. The learning needs is as a matter of fact one thing that this kind of concept can be applied to. But in today’s time, what is now popularly used is none other than the learning management systems. In the internet world you will be able to conduct training and education and it is because of the learning management systems.

One of the many things that you need to know about the use of the learning management systems is that you will get the same lessons as those in the traditional schools. Learning becomes exciting and informative when you make use of the learning management systems. The students will now be able to learn online. As a matter of fact, the use of the learning management systems will also allow the teachers to monitor their progress.
Questions About Software You Must Know the Answers To

An additional fact that you need to know about the use of the learning management systems is that there are now numerous and various kinds of fields that are making use of them. Conducting the training of a lot of the companies is as a matter of fact being done through the use of the learning management systems. Being able to make use of the learning management systems means that the company will be able to conduct their training for employees that are located in different areas. This is as a matter of fact very convenient on the part of the company. Being able to make use of the learning management systems means that the company will not have to make any extra expenses. The company just needs to make sure that there is a computer and access to the internet.6 Facts About Options Everyone Thinks Are True

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What I Can Teach You About Solutions

Things You Need to Know About Learning Management Systems

The goal of this article is provide helpful information regarding business learning management system. Learning management system has become more and more popular with each passing year. Indeed, any business will be able to enjoy a lot of benefits if learning management system or LMS is applied. There are numbers of business, organizations, and companies out there who are starting to use business learning management system to train up their employees, especially new recruits. Different companies or organizations may have different reasons why they are taking up these modules, but one thing is for sure, it is very beneficial and advantageous.

To put it simply, learning management system is a system that can help you and your business deliver and manage training in numerous formats. You must know that business learning management system is not limited to the delivery of online courses only. It is wise that you educate yourself about business learning management first before your company use it. It is also advisable that you take the time to read blogs or online articles that provide helpful tips on how to find companies that can provide excellent learning management system services.

Indeed, there are numbers of companies out there that can give you an assistance when it comes to business learning management system. It is very important that you find a company that can provide excellent LMS solutions, LMS training, and e-learning tools. Before you select a company that provides LMS services, it is very important that you take the time to check their credentials, background history, and their track records. In order to check the profile of the company, it is wise that you visit their website. Always pick a company that can provide matchless LMS training and LMS solutions. Doing an online research is very beneficial and can help you ensure that you are choosing the best company. It is also recommended that you take the time to study and examine different e-learning tools and find out which one is suited for your company. It is very important that you are able to determine the needs of your company or your business.
Study: My Understanding of Software

When choosing a company that provide LMS services, it is very important that they have skills and knowledge in providing LMS solutions. It is also very important that the company have experience in creating different modules for different businesses or individuals. In case you want to ask questions and wanted to clarify things, then don’t hesitate to call these companies. Be sure that you choose a company that also have an excellent customer care service.The Best Advice on Programs I’ve found

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